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We live Smíchov

SMÍCHOV is not only Anděl. This is also a fashionable quarter on the bank of the Vltava River in the very centre of city, but authentic. There is everything in one place ... shopping, parks, restaurants, cafés and clubs, a water shore called náplavka...,
not that overcrowded náplavka, that one is not ours. We have our own náplavka called Smíchovská.

I paint Smíchov

Urban environment meets the firts Czechoslovak Republic architecture.
Like NEUGRAF. Smíchov is full of secluded places and views...
the picture to the soundtrack of my life.

I play Smíchov

Smíchov is a theatre, a gallery, a café where I meet people with their own views of a thing. People with character, people I find inspiration in.