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New grafická street

Located on Grafická Street in Prague's Smíchov District, NEUGRAF is synonymous with modern European living ...

whether you dream of a spacious loft, a duplex with a gallery, a penthouse with a large terrace and a view of Prague, or a cozy apartment. The enclosed, secure complex offers nonstop reception services, public areas, and ample options for active relaxation, both in nearby parks and within NEUGRAF. The building's terrace-like roof abounds with greenery, providing the perfect setting for sitting down with friends in a spot where the sunset over Prague can be watched every evening, where everyone will find inner peace amid the rush of the city.

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I live Smíchov

SMÍCHOV is not only Anděl. This is also a fashionable quarter on the bank of the Vltava River in the very centre of city, but authentic. There is everything in one place ... shopping, parks, restaurants, cafés and clubs, a water shore called náplavka...,
not that overcrowded náplavka, that one is not ours. We have our own náplavka called Smíchovská.

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NEUGRAF embodies the character of a building that formerly housed a Grafická Street print shop.
The exterior design features industrial era materials complemented with soft glass and steel adornments.

Located high above the busy streets of Smíchov's center, the building imparts tranquility and offers a panoramic view of the city and beyond.

Upper floors with a view to the panorama of Prague

French windows

Rooftop gardens

Common courtyard

Combination of materials

Glass staircase

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